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impressionable poem

Impressionable-Poem | Red Comyn

Broken hearts mingle like vagrants do Around fire on cold December nights With the comfort of the other mis fortunate The broken only find dullness in understanding Shared emotion of another with a torn heart Casualty flows through and with you always No one wants to feel alone unless left bitter Ashamed of the failed attempts to the evils of… Read more →

i let you down poem

I Let You Down-Poem | Red Comyn

You actually answered me Took the time to maybe listen. Atleast I really tried this time. You still heard what you wanted, Regardless it’s not in my cards Anymore. My mother would say “To much baggage”. Funny how things work. You let me in, Then you go and make things Hard like you never had. Sounds like you learned From… Read more →

orphan noise

Orphan Noise

Orphan Noise Atomic Drone Dull Shattered in Thunder ill Laughter deliver Consumer Hawks Bone, leveling Innocence Lost Matters. Hide  Forgotten Shatter Lay  Brother warm Bordered Reign B-List Illusion Eyes Trap Forgotten whilst Born.         Read more →