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In the words of Marta Giron “My artwork about menstruation come from personal interest, research and investigation in this subject and many years of work on the uterus and body. I have needed to disorganize all my structure based on a complex concept system that have been inferred on me since childhood, in a external, indifferent, cultural and social context.

explicit bleeding art

Menstruation is still a taboo, its smell, its color and its nature are censored; therefore, we as women are also censored.

art explicit bleeding

Why do we frown when we are exposed to images about menstruating women, but we are able to see countless images were the woman is subjected to raped or assaulted in various ways and different fictitious or not fictitious media?

bleeding explicit art

From this question emerged my serie ” Explicit Bleeding”. Are we able to see images of menstruating women without feeling shame, disgust or revulsion?

marta giron art

We are learned to live menstruation in silence, shame, fear and ridicule. We have been educated in the giving of pleasure to others, but not in our leisure. We have learned about men sexuality, but we have delegate to the underground level our cycles and our bodies and sometithings that belongs to us.

underground art

womens art

underground art

explicit art

My work is a way to reclaim what belongs to us as women, to empower regaining consciousness of our union with the self and the universe our cyclic being, our menstruation as sacred.”