Independent Music

Jon Hess Band debut to the Noise Organ–Heavy Clarence is a breathe of fresh air in the stagnant heavy metal grunge music scene.

Live Noise Music by the Wolf Party at the Valentines Day show

Japanese Noise Music Artsist Ihatesummer’s collaboration with American Noise Artist and Guitarist Dankcoral. An epic journey of mind and spirit and they flow from noise ambient to the edge of madness.

Noise Music Artist Dankcoral joins Lexington based experimental music duo Walking on Birds for an epic collaboration with metaphoric reverberations of spoken word poetry and electro beats.

eccentric genius

Kaden Harris is a Dayton based musician, author and artist working under the name Eccentric Genius.

Collaborations and project proposals welcome. For more info 

phil awful

Zumaia noise music band in France plays experimental noise industrial dark ambient. Easily in the top 5 best noise music bands. In addition to Zumaia creating their own noise Zumaia is a veracious collaborator on many of the Noise Organ projects as well as dozens of other joint projects. Zumaia was not only 1 of 4 noise music bands from the Noise Organ featured in a 2018 video game released on steam, but  Zumaia

french noise music

alberto loballe music noise

Alberto Loballe impresses again with his second release to the Noise Organ . Life is We Are.

noise music hello hello johnNoise Music Artist HelloHelloJohn leaves listeners head spinning with this latest noise track. 

 Freestyle Jazz or Avant Garde Jazz by Large Polyp Stony. Freestyle Jazz guitar drums and keyboard recorded live on one track. Some form of traditional jazz at its core from which the trio expands into improvisation and style. Great freestyle jazz example compressed into a short song.

Leary Exposure by Squid Underground released under the Noise Organ Music Record Label

Noise Music-The Dog by Squid Underground for the Noise Organ Underground Record Label Art Press

Ambient Noise Music out of Japan by Ihatesummer. Erie ambient noise from a great.

Noise on the Living Dead by Squid Attack is a random pairing of our latest track and Night of the Living Dead. Horror Movie Noise Art

 The first track of the EP Torpor by AšA.

Kai Watanabe improve guitar is unique in its style and ability. Blending traditional sounds, chants and eclectic playing to produce a outer body experience with heavy spiritual or shamanistic overtones. Noise organ is Humbled for his Contribution to the collective project. Check out more of his work at 

Gold Rings by Hetayra. Veronik Cartier’s ambient drone noise style is ever pulling you further into the experience.

Independent spoken word poetry and music by Musaka | Peripioema

Untimely Heavy by Musaka  A transformation of sound and noise poetry art with untimely drone ambient noise music mixed with heavy spoken word poetry experience in its highest form. Check out all of Musaka.

Flight of the Hindenburg a recording from the New York Sessions of Squid Underground an Independent Noise Art Spoken Word Band.

Message from Timothy Leary, Unreleased music Track recorded live by Large Polyp Stony  during the basement sessions. A blend of acid driven noise music and melancholy changes paired up with psychedelic  visually stunning elements. Timothy Leary though left this shell still holds strong as the pioneer of LSD and the Turn On movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Later in life transferring his enigmatic messages to the web to further the movement after his death. To this we owe great thanks for the awakening that has had a profound on the modern shamanism as well as self exploration. Ode to Timothy Leary. 

The Invisible Geography, by
Antonio Jose Vallejo Rodriguez subtitled by Javier Vallejo. A short breathe taking independent film leaving in to question what is art, poetry and the world around us. Actress Marta Girón Adán leaves us stunned with her surrealism in form, subtle nuances and grace. Look for more Films and Art to come soon from this amazing artist based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

 Avant garde noise music jazz experimental bad ass new release from Large Polyp Stony. Music video Independent artist living their dreams.