I Let You Down-Poem | Red Comyn

i let you down poem
You actually answered me

Took the time to maybe listen.

Atleast I really tried this time.
You still heard what you wanted,
Regardless it’s not in my cards

My mother would say
“To much baggage”.
Funny how things work.
You let me in,
Then you go and make things
Hard like you never had.
Sounds like you learned
From the best.
I know what you felt,
It’s the same gut turning feeling
You felt when I left.
Thats what let’s you do it.
The let down gives you the
The right
I realized then the day she died the
mistakes I made weren’t going
To be there
To consume me.
Like her,
watching her
Imminent fall in front of me
the right that came to late.
The light that was so faint
In me.
I know what happens
when your in that swamp.
I’ve seen the animals there,
Just like me
There to eat you up.
You grow weary and die,
That moment,
How life was to short to spend
Wasting hate,
and pain on your lover
That’s true nature