Noise Music Radio | Noise Music Effects Instrument App

The Noise Organ- Noise Music Radio & Effects Instrument App available for IOS-Windows-Android.

noise effects instrument app





A project created by Noise Organ Artist Noise Musician Collective in partnership with app developer Appsif Apps ltd.

noise music appApp Features:

  • Noise Music Radio
  • Custom Effects Instrument
  • Record Player ( Noise Organ Collection )
  • Noise Music Videos | Independent Films
  • Underground Art
  • Artist Info

Details Below


Noise Music Radio

noise music radio appThis  portion of the application offers up 24 hour 365 days of commercial free music from noise music artists in Japan-Germany-Spain-French-Russian-US the UK and beyond. Part of the genius of the radio station app is the randomization of song play from our noise music catalog. Not only does this ensure a constantly evolving broadcast, but ensures that all Joining Musicians get a fair shake.

Easy to use Radio Controls like Skip Track, Play, Pause, Stop and Dynamic Visualizations.

New Channels Coming Soon


Effect Instrument App

noise-effect-instrument-appThe Effects Instrument portion of the app might well be the most exciting part.

►Effects Instrument App Features and Demo

A concoction of madness and logic. The beta version core is conscious laden with a hand selected Noise Sample Pack created using Noise Organ Artist tracks from the debut collaborative album.  The noise sample pack is then run through Appsif’s custom framework and digital algorithms to give it true Instrument AI. This allows every Noise Artist Experience to be unique, engaging and fresh. 

Makes a great addition to sounds source for modular noise setups or just fun to create some noise on the go. Combine Several for a tiered environment or grinding out with friends.

Record Player

Listen to your Favorite Noise Organ Records complete with Custom Track Albums.

noise record player app

Video | Film

The Video and Film section is a mixture of short film and Noise Music Videos.

noise music instrument app

Underground Art

The latest in Art and Art Happenings from real Artist around the World.