Squid Underground

Squid Underground is a collective noise music project founded by Matt Malloy and Jake McIntosh. As so co-founders in the Noise Organ Collective. Seeking to push the bounds their music varies with each new noise music experience an squid of its own.

The Dog | Squid Underground

Noise Music-The Dog by Squid Underground for the Noise Organ Underground Record Label Art Press

Noise of the Living Dead | Squid Underground

Noise on the Living Dead by Squid Attack is a random pairing of our latest track and Night of the Living Dead. Horror Movie Noise Art

Flight of the Hindenburg | Noise Organ | Squid Underground

Flight of the Hindenburg a recording from the New York Sessions of Squid Underground an Independent Noise Art Spoken Word Band.

In there own words, Matt ” The idea behind Squid Organ came about based on our various backgrounds. I’ve played music in various forms and bands since I was a small child, but have always leaned more to the noise intense music of Sonic Youth, Punk and a few others absorbing much of there message in full through osmosis instead of the standard route.”

Jake, ” It was just natural, when I found out what kind of music Matt was playing I was blown away. I knew immediately what we had found. I’m self taught and had been making noise for years, I understood his language as it was.”