Gold Rings

Gold Rings by Hetayra. Veronik Cartier’s ambient drone noise style is ever pulling you further into the experience.

Message from Timothy Leary | Large Polyp Stony | Noise Organ

Message from Timothy Leary, Unreleased music Track recorded live by Large Polyp Stony  during the basement sessions. A blend of acid driven noise music and melancholy changes paired up with psychedelic  visually stunning elements. Timothy Leary though left this shell still holds strong as the pioneer of LSD and the Turn On movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Later in life transferring his enigmatic messages to the web to further the movement after his death. To this we owe great thanks for the awakening that has had a profound on the modern shamanism as well as self exploration. Ode to Timothy Leary. 

Independent Art Film | The Invisible Geography | Spoken Word Art Poetry

The Invisible Geography, by
Antonio Jose Vallejo Rodriguez subtitled by Javier Vallejo. A short breathe taking independent film leaving in to question what is art, poetry and the world around us. Actress Marta Girón Adán leaves us stunned with her surrealism in form, subtle nuances and grace. Look for more Films and Art to come soon from this amazing artist based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.